Our Affiliate Program

Help friends transform their office into a flexible workspace by introducing them to Desk25. For each referral, you earn 25% recurring commission, up to two years.

What is recurring commission?

Desk25 charges customers a monthly fee. This is what we call our recurring revenue. We offer you a share of that recurring revenue made from customers referred by you. This is your recurring commission. You receive it for up to two years.


You refer a friend who signs up for 100 users with a monthly recurring revenue of $200. The recurring commission amounts to $50 paid to you monthly for up to two years. This sums up to $1200 over the course of two years. If your friend buys more users your commission goes up, if they downgrade or cancel, your commission is adjusted accordingly. If you refer more friends, your comissions add up.

Get paid

We pay out comissions once a month for all revenue generated before that month. This also means you start to get paid some time after the referred party finishes their trial period and start to generate revenue. You'll get PDF statement along with each payment. Your earnings might be subject to taxes, depending on your tax residency and the amount of commission.


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Register as an affiliate: affiliate@desk25.com

Last updated January 10th, 2021

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