Transform your Office into a Hybrid Workspace

Desk25 is a desk scheduling software that lets your employees split their workweek between in-office and work-from-home.

Try Desk25 in less than 2 minutes. No commitment, no payment. Cancel your trial at any time, with a click.

Return to work safely

Increased physical distance is widely seen as one of the most effective counter-measures in the struggle against COVID-19. Reduce your workspace occupancy by limiting how many desks can be used. The 30-day booking log let's you trace potential contacts.

Share resources, save costs

Replacing single offices and fixed desks with flexible alternatives like hot desks (sit down if free) and hoteled desks (book for a few days) makes efficient use of space and saves costs. Why have personalized desks if half of them are empty on any given day?

Get the best of both worlds

Offering a variety of work settings increases employee productivity and happiness. Work from home (WFH) reduces stressful commute and accommodates family needs while in-office work strengthens team spirit and brings a healthy change of scenery.

See who else will be in-office

Book in advance or ad-hoc

Find your teammates

Works everywhere

Email confirmations

30-day booking log (CSV)
Over half (52%) of U.S. workers would prefer a hybrid work model working some time at home and some time in the office.
Gensler U.S. Workspace Survey Fall 2020
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